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15. May 2018
As of 1 June 2018, the Danish gambling Authority changes its practice regarding renewals of licences to gaming machines.
17. Apr 2018
From 2 to 8 April 2018, the Danish Gambling Authority issued reminders to the licence holders, who had not yet stated the annual fee on gaming machines. 
17. Apr 2018
The Danish Gambling Authority has now published its annual report 2017.
21. Feb 2018
On January 1st 2018, betting on horse racing in Denmark was liberalised.
06. Feb 2018
The court of Frederiksberg has now made a decision in the court case where The Danish Gambling Authority asked the telecommunications companies to block 24 websites, which illegally offers gambling
16. Jan 2018
On December 22nd 2017 the Danish Gambling Authority released an updated version of our certification programme. The programme was updated with new requirements regarding online bingo.
02. Jan 2018
In 2018, the annual fee per gaming machine is DKK 627.
22. Dec 2017
December 20th 2017 The Danish Gambling Authority announced news regarding update of the certification programme for online casino because of the liberalization of online bingo January 1st 2018.
21. Dec 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has updated the XSD package – the only change is that “HesteagtigEventTotalStruktur” and “HestDKEventTotalStruktur” have been included again – in their final form.
21. Dec 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has published Newsletter no. 36 on the submission of a report after the renewal of licences. 
20. Dec 2017
Due to the liberalisation of online bingo from January 1st 2018 the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) is currently working on an update to our certification programme.
15. Dec 2017
On June 2nd 2017, the Danish parliament passed a law which liberalises Online Bingo. 
06. Dec 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has updated ”Guidance on reporting of games” –  so that it now includes all the new game types in connection to the liberalization of betting on horse racing.
29. Nov 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has recently seen an increasing number of concerns from worried citizens / parents regarding loot boxes in computer games - especially in the game Star Wars Battlefron
11. Oct 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority’s forms are now digital.
10. Oct 2017
On October 1st, 2017, a new internal organisation of the Danish Gambling Authority entered into force.
05. Oct 2017
Press release: New app to help keeping track of gambling
29. Jun 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has previously accepted the use of MobilePay as a device of payment.
28. Jun 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has decided to investigate the scope of technical breakdowns in gaming machines, see the letter “Teknisk automatnedbrud” of February 18th 2004.
07. Apr 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority’s annual report for 2016 is now online.