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16 May 2023
Since the Danish Gambling Authority established the helpline about compulsive gambling StopSpillet in 2019, the advisers have received almost 2,500 calls and chats. Data shows that most of the individuals who are affected by problem gambling start gambling before they turn 25 years old.
23 May 2023
For the third time, the Danish Gambling Authority releases the report “The Gambling Market in Numbers”, which provides an overview of the year that has passed on the Danish gambling market. 
22 May 2023
The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) has published a guidance on the application of MitID as control measure when performing customer due diligence. 

Suspicion about match-fixing?

If you suspect match-fixing in connection with betting, please tell the Danish Gambling Authority

Need a break from gambling?

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Do you have problems with gambling or do you know someone who does?

Call the Danish Gambling Authority's helpline StopSpillet (StopGambling) on +45 70 22 28 25 for professional, independent, and confidential counselling about responsible gambling.