Whistleblower scheme about money laundering

This whistleblower scheme can be used by employees and former employees of gambling operators to report (potential)offences of the Anti-Money Laundering Act committed by gambling operators.

Who can file a report?

All employees and former employees at gambling operators and business partners to gambling operators can file a report to the whistleblower scheme.

If you are a player and want to file a report about a gambling operator’s offence of other legislation than the Anti-Money Laundering Act, for example the Danish Marketing Practices Act or responsible gambling, we refer you to the whistleblower scheme about the Danish Gambling Authority.

What can be reported?

You can report gambling operators that have a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority.

The report can be about all (potential) offences of the Anti-Money Laundering Act. The report may involve a gambling operator’s risk assessment, procedures, management of customer due diligence measures or a gambling operator’s lacking compliance with the obligation to investigate, register, report and keep records.

This whistleblower scheme cannot be used to report a retailer’s lacking payments of taxes, VAT or duties or other relations that are not covered by the Anti-Money Laundering Act. In this case, please use the whistleblower scheme about the Danish Gambling Authority.

The whistleblower scheme must not be used to report deliberately false accusations and deliberately false information.

You can report anonymously

It is possible to state your identity and contact information in connection with the report. In this way, the Danish Gambling Authority can contact you if we need more information about a (potential) offence.

It is also possible to report anonymously. If you report anonymously, the Danish Gambling Authority cannot contact you in case we need more information. Thus, it is important that you describe and document a potential offence as thoroughly and detailed as possible if you report anonymously.

If possible, please attach relevant documents.

By using the form below, employees of gambling operators, which are covered by the rules of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, can send an anonymous enquiry concerning reports of the gambling operator’s violations or potential violations of the anti-money laundering legislation. We recommend that you send a detailed description and please attach relevant documents if possible.
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