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23. Feb 2024
In November 2023, several authorities conducted case-based training on AML and financing of terrorism. The interest in participating far exceeded the availability of seats.
20. Feb 2024
Recently, the Danish Gambling Authority identified an error concerning renewal of existing registrations in the Register of Self-excluded Players (ROFUS).
09. Feb 2024
The Danish Gambling Authority presents December's statistics for the gambling market in the areas of betting, online casino, slot machines and land-based casino.
16. Jan 2024
The Danish Gambling Authority has published the study "Online gambling in Denmark".
16. Jan 2024
On 16 January 2024, a gambling operator was fined DKK 700,000 in the Court in Aalborg for breaching the Gambling Act's rules for marketing.
10. Jan 2024
On 8 January 2024, the National Security and Intelligence Service (PET) published a new national risk assessment of terrorist financing. It must replace the previous risk assessment from 2019.
08. Jan 2024
The Danish Gambling Authority calls on the gambling industry to provide input to the Money Laundering Secretariat's indicators for money laundering and terrorist financing on GoAML. 
04. Jan 2024
From 1 October 2023, it became mandatory for players to identify themselves using a so-called Player ID when placing bets with physical retailers in Denmark. 
13. Dec 2023
Danmarks Nationalbank has recently announced that they will phase out the 1000-krone banknote.
12. Dec 2023
For the first time, the Danish Gambling Authority launches a nationwide initiative targeting young people under the age of 18 that focuses on the consequences associated with gambling.
01. Dec 2023
The Danish Gambling Authority has launched the website StyrPå which is a platform that gathers all relevant information about
28. Nov 2023
A person has accepted two fines totaling DKK 100,000 for illegally distributing games. The person advertised for operators without permission to offer games in Denmark.
01. Nov 2023
Figures from a new study show that approximately 32,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 17 have gambled online in the past year.
03. Oct 2023
This article is a continuation of the article "Player ID requirements for gambling at physical retailers" from 25 September 2023.
29. Sep 2023
From 1 October 2023, ROFUS also includes betting in physical stores in Denmark. The extension applies to new registrations created on and after 1 October 2023.
25. Sep 2023
From 1 October 2023, it will be mandatory for players to identify themselves with a so-called Player ID when buying bets at a physical retailer, such as kiosks or betting shops.
14. Sep 2023
The Danish Gambling Authority has prepared new requirements for inspection standards for land-based betting.
13. Sep 2023
On April 22, 2022, DK Gambling ApS was placed under bankruptcy proceedings.
01. Sep 2023
On 21 June 2022, the Danish Gambling Authority turned Tipwin Limited over to the police for criminal investigation, because the Danish Gambling Authority assessed that Tipwin Limited grossly neglig
01. Sep 2023
The Danish Business Authority, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, the Danish Financial Intelligence Unit, the Danish Gambling Authority, the Danish Bar and Law Society, the Danish Tax Ag
30. Aug 2023
A streamer has accepted a fine of DKK 10,000 for advertising unlicensed gambling providers via Twitch. 
28. Aug 2023
The Danish Gambling Authority has been successful in the district court to have 49 websites offering illegal gambling in Denmark blocked.
02. Aug 2023
Since 1 April, the Danish Gambling Authority has been secretariat of the national platform for combating match-fixing.
02. Aug 2023
The Danish Gambling Authority has updated the monthly statistics with data from June 2023.
17. Jul 2023
On 17 July, a new national campaign for StopSpillet will be launched on social media. The campaign will also be visible on outdoor posters all over Denmark at bus stops and on busses.
14. Jul 2023
Today, the Danish Gambling Authority has released a revised version of the guidance on preventive measures against money laundering of criminal proceeds and financing of terrorism (the Anti-Money L
10. Jul 2023
On July 6th 2023, the Danish Gambling Authority has given Betfair International Plc (hereinafter Betfair) three orders and a reprimand for breaching section 7(1) of the AML Act on risk assessment (
26. Jun 2023
Persons and undertakings, including gambling providers, are required to conduct enhanced customer due diligence (EDD) pursuant to art.
22. Jun 2023
Figures from a new report from the Danish Gambling Authority show that every Dane over the age of 18 spent an average of DKK 2,350 on gambling in 2022.
20. Jun 2023
In March 2023, the Danish National Tax Tribunal decided that the Danish Gambling Authority in some cases is not subject to the special and enhanced duty of confidentiality of section 17 of the Tax