Marketing of gambling

Gambling operators, who hold a licence to provide gambling in Denmark, can market themselves in accordance with the Act on Gambling. Furthermore, the marketing must be in accordance with the Danish Marketing Practices Act.

Consolidation Act No. 1494
Of 06 Dec 2016

The Danish Act on Gambling

According to the Danish Act on Gambling, the marketing:

  • Shall present the chance of winning in a correct and balanced manner that does not create an impression that the chance of winning is greater than it actually is
  • Shall focus on gambling as a form of entertainment
  • Shall neither in form of communication or choice of media, target children and young people under the age of 18
  • Shall not by using well-known personalities, contrary to the truth, imply that participation in gambling has contributed to the their success
  • Shall not have a content that conveys the impression that participation in gambling activities promote a solution to financial problems or the player’s social acceptance

The above follows from the Danish Act on Gambling, section 36, subsection 1, no. 1.5. It is emphasised that violation of the Danish Act on Gambling mey cause a fine. 

About bonuses

When marketing bonus offers the gambling operator shall ensure that all conditions are disclosed in a clear and lucid manner within the immediate context of the offer. This means that all terms and conditions including benefits and restrictions must be appear from the offer at its first presentation and in the same medium as the advertising takes place. The requirement of clarity means that bonus offers must be correct, clearly formulated, and be relevant. The individual conditions must therefore not cause misunderstandings, ambiguities, or misinterpretations.

Compulsory disclosure of conditions when marketing a bonus offer

Guidelines regarding compulsory disclosure of conditions when marketing a bonus offer


The following examples of conditions must be considered significant:

  • That bonuses only apply to a specific group of customers, for instance bonuses that only apply to new customers. 
  • If there is a deposit requirement in order to receive a bonus
  • If there is a wagering requirement in order to receive a bonus. This includes information about games that are not included in the assessment of the wagering requirements or that gambling on minimum odds is required to count in the turnover
  • Time restrictions on receiving a bonus, for instance expirations of bonuses or requirement of turnover within a given period

If one or more of the above conditions are concretely stated in connection with a bonus offer, the condition(s) in question must appear from the first presentation of the offer and in the same medium in which the marketing takes place. You can read more about the rules on marketing in the guideline Compulsory disclosure of conditions when marketing a bonus offer.