New rules on information when marketing gambling products

26, Mar 2020

In the new executive orders in the gambling area that entered into force on 1 January 2020, a section is added which defines the information that licence holders are obligated to communicate when marketing gambling products. This part of the executive orders enters into force on 1 April 2020. 

The section is added to the following executive orders and consequently only applies to these gambling sectors. Executive Order on online casino, Executive Order on online betting, Executive Order on land-based betting, Executive Order on gaming machines in gambling arcades and restaurants, cafes and bars, and Executive Order on land-based casinos. 

From the executive orders, it appears that the licence holder must inform of the following when marketing gambling products: 

  • Age limit of the game 
  • The Danish Gambling Authority’s helpline about responsible gambling, and 
  • The option to self-exclude with the register of self-excluded players (ROFUS). (Does not apply to land-based betting and gaming machines in gambling arcades, restaurants and bars.)

The licence holder must also use the Danish Gambling Authority’s label when marketing gambling products. 

These rules are expected to give rise to questions from licence holders and other stakeholders as compliance with the rules of the executive orders may pose a challenge depending on the type of media. 

The rules of the executive orders apply to all marketing of gambling products. 

However, the Danish Gambling Authority assess that there may be cases in which it is not possible to fully comply with the requirements in the executive orders. This will always depend on an assessment of the specific case, where it is decisive whether it has in fact been possible to communicate all or some of the statutory information requirements. 

The Danish Gambling Authority will soon publish a guide, where examples of requirements for different media types will be reviewed.