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20. Dec 2017
Due to the liberalisation of online bingo from January 1st 2018 the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) is currently working on an update to our certification programme.
15. Dec 2017
On June 2nd 2017, the Danish parliament passed a law which liberalises Online Bingo. 
06. Dec 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has updated ”Guidance on reporting of games” –  so that it now includes all the new game types in connection to the liberalization of betting on horse racing.
29. Nov 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has recently seen an increasing number of concerns from worried citizens / parents regarding loot boxes in computer games - especially in the game Star Wars Battlefron
03. Mar 2017
The purpose of this newsletter is to present an overview of the process for applying for five-year licences to betting and/or online casino.
03. Mar 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority is pleased to present the date for the authority's yearly event "Industry focus day". The event will be Thursday, 25th of January 2018 in Copenhagen.
21. Feb 2017
This information sums up comments from licencees regarding our “No thank you to gambling commercials”- service in ROFUS.
13. Feb 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has now updated the guidelines on betting and online casinos.
31. Jan 2017
Press release issued by the Ministry of Taxation on 27 January 2017.
31. Jan 2017
Below is a guideline on how licencees should relate to the new "No thank you to gambling commercials" in ROFUS.
27. Jan 2017
An English translation of this press release will follow.
24. Jan 2017
A translation of this information will follow.
24. Jan 2017
The Danish Gambling Authority has made a form (Personal declaration - Annex A), which applicants’ applying for a licence to a land-based casino should fill out.
23. Jan 2017
By the end of 2016 a number of 5-year licences for online casino and betting expired.
26. Dec 2016
On Monday, December 26, 2016, Danish viewers will be introduced to a TV commercial for ROFUS - The Danish Gambling Authority's self-exclusion system.
22. Dec 2016
The Danish Gambling Authority has conducted a survey regarding the satisfactory with the authority in the fourth quarter of 2016.