You can send an e-mail to the Danish Gambling Authority by choosing a relevant subject category and write your message. Your e-mail will be sent via an encrypted connection.

The Danish Gambling Authority's privacy policy

The Danish Gambling Authority register your request and the information that you have submitted to us. In the Danish Gambling Authority's privacy policy, you can read more about the information that we must provide you with in compliance with articles 13 and 14 of the general data protection regulation, including the rights you have as a data subject, contact information on the authority’s data protection officer and complaint instructions.

If you send us data on someone else

If you provide data on a person other than yourself, the Danish Gambling Authority may be obligated to comply with the duty of disclosure by informing the person in question that we have received and thereby process data about the person concerned.

Read more about our processing of personal data


The Danish Gambling Authority cannot anonymise inquiries, if the inquirer has enclosed information that makes him or her identifiable, i.e. name. The Danish Gambling Authority must record all information that the Danish Gambling Authority becomes aware of in connection with an inquiry. This means that if you have provided your name you cannot subsequently request anonymity.

If someone requests access to records in the case, the Danish Gambling Authority will deal with the request in accordance with the Public Administration Act, the law regarding access to legal documents, and the General Data Protection Regulation. Thus, others might have access to some of the information in the case. 


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