New version of technical requirements for online casino and betting

22, Jun 2020

The Danish Gambling Authority has issued new versions of the technical requirements, which apply to operators offering online casino and/or betting. 

More specifically the documents: “The Danish Gambling Authority’s requirements for reporting game data” and “Technical requirements – online casino and betting” have been updated in connection with notification with the EU Commission.

In paragraph 5 about ROFUS in the document “Technical requirements – online casino and betting”, the references to certain sections of the executive orders have been corrected and a paragraph saying that push-messages on smartphones can be considered gambling advertising, which means that ROFUS must be consulted before sending the messages, has been added.

The document “The Danish Gambling Authority’s guidance on reporting game data” has been renamed to “The Danish Gambling Authority’s requirements for reporting game data”. There are several significant changes in this document:

  • A new game category has been added, which must be used for reporting bets on electronically simulated sports events. The game category is called “VirtuelFastOdds”. This type of bet was previously reported as “Fastoddsspil”. Operators shall continue to use the data structure FastOddsTransaktionStruktur for reporting this type of bet. The new game category must be implemented by operators by the 1st of September 2020.
  • A new section has been added, in which it is clarified how many data structures an operator shall report of each type, and in which situation/at what time the data structure shall be reported.
  • The requirement for the content of the data element SpilTerminalIdentifikation has been updated. The data element is used when reporting bets purchased in a shop, no matter if it was purchased from a sales clerk or from a self-service terminal. It has been clarified that the identification number must be visible on the physical terminal, on which the purchase was processed. 
  • It has been clarified that when a bet has been purchased at a shop, the unique “SpilTransaktionIdentifikation” must appear from the bet ticket, which the player receives when purchasing the bet. This applies for both purchases from a sales clerk or from a self-service terminal. 
  • In the introduction to the section on reporting of casino games it has been clarified how to distinguish between KasinospilSingleplayer and KasinospilMultiplayer. The decisive criterium is whether the player plays directly against the casino (e.g. slot machines, roulette and blackjack) or against other players (e.g. yatzy or backgammon).

The list of amendments is not exhaustive.

If you have any questions regarding the updated documents, you are encouraged to contact the Danish Gambling Authority via the contact form. Please select the category “online casinos” or the category ”betting”. 

Write to the Danish Gambling Authority via the contact form 

Technical requirements - online casino and betting

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