The Danish Gambling Authority's report on illegal gambling 2019

27, Feb 2020

The Danish Gambling Authority's annual report on illegal gambling has now been published. It provides an introduction to illegal gambling and a description of the Danish Gambling Authority's work in the field of illegal gambling.

The Danes play on legal websites

The illegal gaming market in Denmark is rather limited. A decrease in websites with illegal supply of games as well as the so-called "channelling rate" support this statement. The channelling rate expresses the estimated percentage of legal gambling in a country. In 2021 the channelling rate for Denmark was 72% and in 2020 it was 93%. Thus, Denmark is at the top compared to other countries in Europe.

Excerpts from the report

The Danish Gambling Authority continues to block illegal websites

In 2019, 25 illegal websites were blocked in court

Gaming / Gambling: Presentations at educational institutions

In 2019, The Dansish Gambling Authority held a number of presentations at schools, educational institutions as well as at E-sports associations. The focus for the presentations are on the blurred lines between gaming and gambling and the audience is both children and their parents. Presentations about skin betting and loot boxes have been particularly popular. Presentations can be booked through the website.

International cooperation on the blurred lines between gaming and gambling

In 2018, The Danish Gambling Authority signed an international letter of intent to take a closer look at the blurred lines between gaming and gambling. After several meetings between European regulators, a report on the work was published in 2019. It primarily describes different approaches to particular loot boxes and concludes that the legislation differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but that the international cooperation is valuable.

Report on illegal gambling 2019