Gamble responsibly

One of the Danish Gambling Authority's most important tasks is to ensure that gambling in Denmark is conducted responsibly and that particularly vulnerable groups are protected against compulsive gambling (gambling addiction).

Look for the Danish Gambling Authority's label when you gamble

Spillemyndighedens mærke

The Danish Gambling Authority supervises that gambling operators comply with the rules on responsible gambling. However, the Danish Gambling Authority can only supervise gambling operators who have a licence to provide gambling in Denmark. It is therefore important that you choose to gamble with an operator that advertises having a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority. Here's how to keep yourself safe. 

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Use StopSpillet

StopSpillets logoFor the vast majority of Danes, gambling is associated with entertainment and fun,
but the latest study of compulsive gambling in Denmark shows that for approximately 29,500 Danes have developed a gambling addiction.

If you need to talk to someone about your gambling, you can contact StopSpillet, which is the Danish Gambling Authority's national helpline about compulsive gambling (gambling addiction). 

At StopSpillet, professional counselors answer phone and chat inquiries from anyone experiencing problems with their own or others' gambling habits, including players, relatives and professionals. 

The counselor can provide guidance on responsible gambling and gambling addiction and help you get an overview of your situation. 

The counseling is free, impartial and confidential and the Danish Gambling Authority does not disclose information from the conversation to other authorities.

If you would like to have a conversation, you can contact StopSpillet on +45 70 22 28 25. 

We are ready to talk to you: 

Monday-Thursday 9.00 - 21.00

Friday 9.00 - 17.00

Our chat is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17.00-21.00. 

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ROFUS logoIf you need a break from gambling, you can exclude yourself
yourself with the Danish Gambling Authority's Register of Self-Excluded Players (ROFUS).

You can exclude yourself:

  • for 24 hours
  • for 1, 3 or 6 months
  • permanently

ROFUS includes all gambling operators with a licence to provide online gambling in Denmark, as well as all Danish land-based casinos. From October 1, 2023, ROFUS also includes gambling operators that offer physical betting in stores in Denmark. 
By registering in ROFUS, you also register for the "No thanks to gambling advertising" scheme. This way you avoid receiving ads while you are registered with ROFUS.

See which gambling operators are licensed to offer online gambling in Denmark

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Register with ROFUS

Free treatment for gambling addiction (compulsive gambling)

There are 13 free treatment centers in Denmark, several of which also offer online treatment.

Read more about the treatment sites and apply for free treatment

Obligations of gambling operators 

The purpose of gambling legislation is to ensure that gambling is provided in a responsible manner. 

This means, for example, that gambling operators with a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority have a duty to ensure that children and young people under the age of 18 cannot gamble with them. Gambling operators must also ensure that vulnerable people are protected from developing an addiction to gambling. Therefore, gambling operators need to keep an eye on whether any of their players appear to have a problematic relationship with gambling. As a player, you may therefore find that gambling operators ask you about your spending habits. Gambling operators also have a duty to help players who may have problems with gambling, for example by providing guidance on where to seek help if you have problems controlling your gambling. 

All types of legal gambling are subject to the rule that gambling must be provided in a responsible manner - so whether you are gambling online, at a casino, in an arcade or at your local kiosk or supermarket, the gambling operator must make sure that gambling is being provided responsibly. With online gambling, there are stricter requirements because the gambling operator does not meet you in person.  

What should a gambling operator do 

There are differences in the requirements for responsible gambling measures that gambling operators are subject to. Below are some of the requirements that gambling operators must comply with. If you want more information about which requirements a gambling operator must comply with in relation to responsible gambling, we refer to the executive order for the specific gambling area or the legal guidance on gambling.

Responsible gambling initiatives 

What must the gambling operator inform you about 

The gambling operator must state that persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate in a game. 

In addition, information should be provided about responsible gambling and the potential harmful effects of gambling. You must be informed of contact addresses of Danish treatment centres for compulsive gambling. 

In order for you to know that the gambling operator has a licence from and is supervised by the Danish Gambling Authority, the Danish Gambling Authority's label must be visible. The placement of the label depends on the gambling area. 

Most operators must refer to the Danish Gambling Authority's helpline on responsible gambling, StopSpillet, and inform about the option of registering with the Register of Self-Excluded Players, ROFUS. You can read more about StopSpillet and ROFUS on this page. 

Responsible gambling initiatives for online betting and online casino

Duty to pay attention

Gambling operators with a licence to provide online betting or online casino in Denmark are subject to a special duty to pay attention. The gambling operator must familiarize itself with your gambling patterns and take measures to prevent you from developing problematic gambling behavior and gambling addiction. Information about your gambling behavior must be stored with the gambling operator for 5 years. 

Deposit limit 

Before you start playing, you must set your own deposit limit. A deposit limit is a limit on the total amount you can deposit from an external source into your gambling account. Winnings must not affect your deposit limit. You should be able to choose whether the limit should be daily, weekly or monthly. When you request an increase in the deposit limit, this increase can take effect after 24 hours at the earliest. 


The gambling operator must provide a function that enables you to request a temporary or permanent exclusion from the gambling operator's games. The self-exclusion feature works in such a way that it must take effect immediately to ensure that you cannot start new games after requesting exclusion. As a minimum, it must be possible to exclude yourself from gambling for 24 hours, at least 30 days or as a final exclusion where the gambling account is closed and the customer relationship is terminated.  

Online casino: Clock on the homepage 

For gambling operators with a licence to provide online casino, a clock on the website must allow you to keep track of the time spent on the gambling site. The clock should be always easily visible. 

Responsible gambling initiative for land-based casinos 

At land-based casinos in Denmark, you have the option to exclude yourself from the casino temporarily (for a period of at least 30 days) or permanently. A permanent exclusion can be deleted after 1 year at the earliest. 

You can only request self-exclusion on your own behalf, but the request can be made both in writing or in person at the casino. 

Why does the Danish Gambling Authority supervise? 

The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for ensuring a proper and well-regulated gambling market in Denmark. That's why we are always interested to hear if you are having problems with a gambling operator. Some inquiries may lead the Danish Gambling Authority to investigate the situation further and possibly result in the gambling operator being asked to change their practices if we deem it necessary. If we proceed with the inquiry, we will not be able to inform you about the process, as the Danish Gambling Authority cannot comment on specific cases.

If you want to complain about a gambling operator

If you want to complain to a gambling operator, you must send your complaint to the gambling operator, who is obliged to handle complaints from players. The complaint must include information about your identity and a reason for your complaint. If this is not met, the gambling operator can reject the complaint. The gambling operator must process the complaint as soon as possible. If the case is not resolved within 14 days, the gambling operator must inform you when the complaint can be expected to be resolved.

You also have the option to complain to the Danish Appeals Boards Authority about the purchase of a service. You can see the conditions for making a complaint on the Danish Appeals Boards Authority's website næ

The Danish Gambling Authority cannot settle disputes between you and a gambling operator.


You can read the legal guidance on gambling here. Section 20 of the guide provides further information on responsible gambling. 

The Danish Gambling Authority's legal guide

The legislation on all gambling categories


The most important legislation that gambling operators must comply with is available here:

Consolidation Act No. 1303
Of 04 Sep 2020

The Danish Act on Gambling

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1274
Of 29 Nov 2019

On online casino

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1276
Of 29 Nov 2019

On online betting

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1275
Of 29 Nov 2019

On land-based betting

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1289
Of 29 Nov 2019

On gaming machines in gambling arcades and restaurants, cafes and bars

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1290
Of 29 Nov 2019

On land-based casinos

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 1288
Of 29 Nov 2019

On charity lotteries

Only available in Danish