Game supplier

A licence as supplier of games in Denmark covers betting, online casino games and combination games. Combination games have elements of both skill and chance. Backgammon, whist and yatzy are examples of combination games.

How to obtain a licence

You can apply for a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority. A supplier licence is valid for up to 5 years. You must use application form (2-06), Annex A (2-02) and Annex B-2 (no. 2-08). 

The application fee is DKK 62,040 (in 2024) and must be paid upon submission of your application at the latest. 

Information regarding renewal of your licence follows.

Form 2-06

Application for licence or application for renewal of licence for game suppliers.

Only available in Danish.

Form 2-02 - Annex A

Personal statement for game suppliers.

Only available in Danish.



Form 2-08 - Annex B-2

Information on game supply for game suppliers. 

Only available in Danish.

Form 2-04 - Annex C

For game suppliers. Statement from a representative if the representative is a company.

Only available in Danish.

Annex A

The following individuals in the company applying for a licence must fill out a personal declaration (Annex A - form 2-02): 

  • All the executive board members and board members 
  • An appointed representative in Denmark, further described in Annex C – form 2-04
  • Beneficial owners in the concern related to the application company, further described in the description at the end to form 2-06

The Annex A persons ensures the provision of gambling in an appropriate and professional way by the applicant. The Danish Gambling Authority will assess based on the forwarded criminal records and declaration of debt and whether this involves a significant probability that the applicant will misuse the access to working with gambling activities. The applicant must not have any debts with public authorities.

The completing of Annex A is also a requirement if other persons by the applicant or within the concern possesses one of the above-mentioned roles. 

Certification programme

The Danish Gambling Authority’s certification programme for betting and online casino is set out to ensure that the gambling system and gambling equipment executes games in a correct way and that the security surrounding the gambling system is maintained. The Danish Gambling Authority’s certification programme supplements the gambling regulation, individual licence terms and the administrative practice set out by the Danish Gambling Authority.

Game suppliers must be certified at all times in accordance with those parts of the certification programme which apply to their specific offer of gambling products.

An update of the certification programme after introduction of licences for game suppliers is in progress, and will be out for consultation as soon as possible.

When you have obtained a licence

Payment of fees

If you have a supplier licence, you must pay an annual fee of DKK 41.360 (in 2024).

Changes to the licence

If there are changes in the conditions on which the permit was issued, form 2-07 must be completed. If there are any changes to previously approved persons regarding the executive board members and board members, you must fill out form 2-07. If any new individuals are appointed to roles covered by Annex A, you must fill out form 2-02. 
The Danish Gambling Authority may decide that an individual covered by Annex A must resign from their post if they have been convicted of a criminal offence that involves a risk that they will misuse their access to working with gambling activities. 


Guidelines for supplier licences