The Danish Gambling Authority supports players in bankruptcy court case

13, Sep 2023

On April 22, 2022, DK Gambling ApS was placed under bankruptcy proceedings. DK Gambling ApS had a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority to offer betting and online casino via the website


Many of the players who were registered with DK Gambling have filed a claim in the bankruptcy estate for an amount corresponding to the balance in their gambling account at the time of the bankruptcy. Most of these players have filed their claim as a separatist claim because it follows from gambling legislation that gambling operators must keep players' funds in such a way that they are secured in the event of the gambling operator's bankruptcy. However, the trustee in bankruptcy has rejected these separatist claims.

One of the players has appealed the trustee's rejection to the court to review the issue of the right of separation. The outcome of this court case is expected to have an impact on all other players who have filed a separatist claim in the estate, and could potentially have an impact in future similar cases.

As the Danish Gambling Authority has a significant interest in this case and is also of the opinion that players' funds should be secured in the event of a gambling operator's bankruptcy, the Danish Gambling Authority has entered the court case as a co-intervener in support of the player. The Danish Gambling Authority will thus make a submission in the court case in support of the player's claim that the player has a separatist claim.

The case is scheduled for trial on 6 February 2024. The Danish Gambling Authority will publish it as soon as a ruling has been reached in the case.