Anti-Money Laundering: A report to the police must be followed up by a notification

16, May 2024

Notifications to the Financial Intelligence IUnit is one the most important sources of information on money laundering and financing of terrorism. A notification is information about a potentially criminal act, and it cannot be replaced by a report to the police. 

Gambling operators are obligated to notify in accordance with section 26 of the AML Act. The obligation to notify means that gambling operators must immediately notify the Financial Intelligence Unit if they know of, suspect, or have reason to believe that a transaction, funds or an activity is or has been linked to money laundering or financing of terrorism. 

Notifications are essential for the role of the Financial Intelligence Unit, as notifications can in themselves constitute a case. In addition, a notification about a suspicion can be part of a larger case of other suspicious matters. 

Police reports cannot replace notifications

There are no exceptions to the obligation to notify even if you have reported the matter to the police. In case a gambling operator has reported a customer to the police, the gambling operator must also notify the Financial Intelligence Unit which is an authority independent from the police.