Player has appealed court ruling in case on a gambling operator’s bankruptcy

08, Jul 2024

The Danish Gambling Authority has previously announced that the Maritime and Commercial Court on 5 March 2024 ruled in favour of the bankruptcy estate in a case between the bankruptcy estate and a player. The player’s claim for payment of the balance on his gaming account was thereby rejected. The player has appealed the court ruling. 

The case began when the bankruptcy trustee rejected a player’s separatist claim, which means the player claimed the money that were deposited on the gambling account at the time of the bankruptcy. On 5 March 2024, the Maritime and Commercial Court acquitted the bankruptcy estate and thereby rejected the player’s separatist claim. The Danish Gambling Authority had entered the trial as an intervenor in support of the player. 

The Danish Gambling Authority has awaited the player’s decision to appeal to the Danish High Court, which the player has now made. In this connection the Danish Gambling Authority has requested the High Court’s permission to intervene in support of the player. 

The High Court has now decided to grant the Danish Gambling Authority’s request to support the player in the court case. Thus, the Danish Gambling Authority will again make a submission in the court case in support of the player’s claim that the player has a separatist claim.

The case is scheduled for trial on 16 October 2025 in the Danish Eastern High Court.