The Danish Gambling Authority has 25 illegal gambling websites blocked

03, Apr 2019

On March 25, 2019, City of Copenhagen's court decided in favour of the Danish Gambling Authority in a case of blocking 25 websites which illegally offers gambling in Denmark.

Earlier this year, the Danish Gambling Authority requested that the telecommunications companies block 25 illegal gambling websites. 10 of the 25 websites offer traditional gambling (casino and sports betting) whereas the remaining 15 websites offer skin betting. hey all relate to a Danish audience, but do not have a licence to offer gambling in Denmark.

Birgitte Sand, Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, says: - We use our authority to block websites on an ongoing basis. We do this to protect the operators who do have a licence to offer gambling in Denmark. But we also do so to protect the players. Here, our  focus is particularly on the pages that offer skin betting, as they often target children and adolescents under the age of 18.

New search strategy for skin betting websites
This is the second time that the Danish Gambling Authority goes to court to block skin betting websites. The first time was in February 2018, when six pages were blocked. The increase from six to 15 is mainly due to the fact that the Danish Gambling Authority has prepared a new search strategy adapted to skin betting websites. It is often more demanding to find and verify skin betting websites than traditional gambling sites, but the new search strategy has already proved effiecient and should make it even easier to find the illegal skin betting websites.

-We will continue to work purposefully and persistently to find and block the illegal skin betting websites, although we observe that these sites, in particular, tend to complicate our work of documenting and blocking, says Birgitte Sand, and elaborates: - But we continue our efforts against illegal gambling and look with great care on the skin betting pages. Especially, since they often involve children playing video games which suddenly turn into gambling. Therefore, we also look at other methods, while at the same time we continuously monitor the traditional offer of betting and online casino that is aimed at Denmark without permission.

Satisfaction with the ruling
 Director Birgitte Sand welcomes the decision of the City Court:
- Of course, we are extremely pleased. It emphasizes that we are aiming to stop the websites that offer illegal games in Denmark.

The last time that the Danish Gambling Authority was in court to get illegal websites blocked was in February 2018. Here 24 websites were closed, of which six were skin betting websites.

Blocked websites

Traditional gambling sites:


Skin betting websites