Campaign films to increase awareness of compulsive gambling helpline

02, Dec 2019

On December 2, the Danish Gambling Authority launches a campaign to increase the Danes' awareness of the "StopSpillet" (StopGambling), which is the Danish Gambling Authority's helpline about compulsive gambling.

The helpline opened on January 2, 2019. With just about 700 calls, it is already quite well-known.

However, the knowledge of the impartial helpline must be increased, which is why the Danes from December 2 may encounter three different films of 30 seconds’ duration; both on nationwide TV channels, social media and streaming services.

The campaign is titled "Poker face" with the payoff line "If you can't tell anyone, you can tell us". The three films describe the relations between three different compulsive gamblers and their families and friends respectively.

The films depict three persons (a family father, a mother and a young football player) in everyday situations, which on the surface look quite ordinary. However, all three persons are hiding a secret. They are compulsive gamblers but keep it a secret for their family and friends.

Help is available

"The purpose of spending resources on a nationwide campaign is first and foremost to increase the Danes’ awareness about StopSpillet," says Birgitte Sand, director of the Danish Gambling Authority. – We want to make the Danes aware that there is an impartial, confidential and free helpline for players, relatives and professionals. It is crucial that all Danes know that help is available if you - or someone you know - have ended up in an unfortunate situation due to gambling, says Birgitte Sand and is supplemented by Head of Department Linda Lomborg, who is responsible for the helpline. - Fortunately, many people are already calling and getting good help and advice, but Danes need to know where to call, even if you do not need to call now and then.

New chat function

From December 2, also features the possibility to chat. In addition to calling the helpline, one has the opportunity to write and communicate with a counselor by chat. 

The Danish Gambling Authority plans to repeat the campaign over the next few years.

Watch the three different films:

"The Birthday""The Dinner"

"The Changing Room"