Amendments to executive orders: Data placement requirements removed

03, Jun 2021

A recently adopted EU regulation means that slight amendments have been made to the Executive Orders on online casino, online betting and land-based betting.

On the Danish Business Authority’s area, a regulation 2018/1807/EU about a frame for free exchange of other data than personal data in the European Union has been agreed upon. The regulation is directly applicable in member states. To ensure that Danish rules are not in conflict with the regulation, two requirements about the placement of data have been removed from the Danish executive orders on gambling with effect from the 30th of May 2021.  

Data placement requirements

The gambling system 

Until now, it has been required that the IT equipment, which is used for offering gambling in Denmark, as a principle must be located in Denmark, cf. section 34 of the Executive Order on online casino, section 29 of the Executive Order on online betting and section 12 of the Executive Order on land-based betting. 

This is changed with effect from 30 May 2021, which means that licence holders must merely give the Danish Gambling Authority access to conduct a satisfying supervision of the gambling system, by which is meant the IT equipment used to offer betting by use of remote access or similar. The Danish Gambling Authority may however dispense with the requirement of remote access, if the gambling operator holds a licence to offer gambling in another country, where a public authority monitors the licence holder’s provision of gambling products and this supervisory authority has entered an agreement with the Danish Gambling Authority about the supervision of the licence holder’s provision of gambling in Denmark. 

The options are also known from the current wording of the provisions and therefore, there are no material amendments to the previous practice. 

As the amendment concerns technical changes originating from an EU requirement, which is directly applicable in the member states, and which is aimed at authorities, the amendment has not been subject to a hearing. 

Read the amended Executive Order on online casino (only available in Danish) 

Read the amended Executive Order on online betting (only available in Danish)

Read the amended Executive Order on land-based betting (only available in Danish)