Newsletter 48

28 Oct 2020

In relation to the notification of “Technical requirements – online casino and betting” and “The Danish Gambling Authority’s requirements for reporting game data” on the 22nd of June 2020, the Danish Gambling Authority stress that violating the requirements is a criminal offence cf. section 40(1) of the Executive Order on online casino, cf. section 33, section 35(1) of the Executive Order on online betting, cf. section 28, section 18(1) of the Executive Order on land-based betting, cf. section 11. In addition to this, please see annex 1, section D of the executive orders. For more information about the notifications, please see the newsletter “New version of technical requirements for online casinos and betting”. 

In practice, this means that violations of the requirements for reporting game data to the Danish Gambling Authority from the 22nd of June 2020 onwards can be sanctioned. 

Future process for violations of the requirements for reporting game data 

If the Danish Gambling Authority assess that a licence holder’s game data is missing or insufficient, the licence holder will receive a reminder from the Danish Gambling Authority. The reminder will state the period relating to the missing or insufficient game data, a request for an explanation of the problem and a deadline for correcting the game data. The reminder gives a 14 days deadline to clarify the problem and respond to the Danish Gambling Authority. 

If the requirements of the reminder are not met before the deadline, the case will be transferred to the legal contact person, who will consider sending the case out for consultation as it may involve a criminal offence. 

Based on the above, all ongoing cases about lacking or insufficient data from before the 22nd of June 2020 are closed.