We ensure the framework for fair play

24 May 2024
The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has updated the requirements for reporting game data. Interested parties are welcome to comment on the update before the final version is issued.
17 May 2024
The Financial Intelligence Unit issues reports every quarter of the year. In the newest report you can read about the current money laundering cases and the number of nofitications the Financial Intelligence Unit received in Q1. 
16 May 2024
Notifications to the Financial Intelligence IUnit is one the most important sources of information on money laundering and financing of terrorism. A notification is information about a potentially criminal act, and it cannot be replaced by a report to the police. 

Suspicion about match-fixing?

If you suspect match-fixing in connection with betting, please tell the Danish Gambling Authority

Need a break from gambling?

ROFUS is The Danish Gambling Authority's self exclusion register. Join ROFUS to exclude yourself from gambling.

Do you have problems with gambling or do you know someone who does?

Call the Danish Gambling Authority's helpline StopSpillet (StopGambling) on +45 70 22 28 25 for professional, independent, and confidential counselling about responsible gambling.