Updated certification programme – responsible gambling

10, Dec 2019

As a consequence of the amendments to the executive orders for online casino and online betting regarding responsible gambling, effective from 1 January 2020, it is necessary to make changes to the certification programme. At the same time, the inspection standards for lotteries are amended to make sure that the requirements are identical with the requirements for online casino.

The requirements in the certification programme directly related to provisions amended in the executive orders have been rephrased. These requirements are those related to the use of the Danish Gambling Authority’s labelling scheme, the customer’s opportunity to get a statement of account, the setting of a deposit limit before being allowed to play and information to the customer about responsible gambling, including references to ROFUS and StopSpillet (StopGambling).

The above-mentioned changes have all been made to the inspection standards, and have given rise to other simple changes to the same document. No new requirements have been added, but several requirements have been moved to other sections of the certification programme to place them in the correct context. This means, among other things, that the section about information to the customer on player protection now appears clearer.

Overall the update partly covers general changes across gambling sectors and certification areas, and partly specific amendments to requirements in the inspection standards for online casino, online betting and lotteries. The specific changes are about responsible gambling. Due to the general amendments, new versions of every document in the certification programme are available.

General amendments

  1. Prospectively, the ISO-accreditation of the testing organisation does not have to refer to the specific version number of a certification document e.g. SCP.01.01.DK.1.3, which is the testing standards for online betting. From now on, the accreditation must refer to SCP.01.01.DK. For this change, there is a three month transitional scheme, which means the accredited testing organisations shall have their accreditation updated by 1 April 2020 at the latest.
  2. Incorporation of a definition of “user interface” in the general requirements. User interface covers, for example, websites and apps. The definition has been added to enable requirements that specifically apply to a licence holder’s website to be distinguished from requirements which apply to more user interfaces for instance both websites and apps.

Specific amendments to inspection standards for online casino, online betting and lotteries

  1. New requirements in section 3.1.2 about the use of the Danish Gambling Authority’s labelling scheme and information showing that the licence holder is licenced and supervised by the Danish Gambling Authority.
  2. Changes to the content of section 3.2.3 about customer access. Two requirements about the customer’s option to get a statement of account have been moved to a new section (3.4.6), specifically about statements of accounts. Three other requirements have been added to section 3.2.3. to place them in the correct context. These three requirements have been moved from section 3.3.3 and concern the display of date and time of the previous login and information about how the customer protects the account against unauthorized use. 
  3. Changes to section 3.3.2 about customer self-limitation. The changes in this section are a result of amendments to the executive orders. From now on, it is mandatory for a customer to set a deposit limit before being able to play. A new guidance text has been added to req. saying that a self-exclusion service must be an automated process, which means that sending an e-mail to the licence holder’s customer service is not sufficient. The phrasing of other requirements in the section has been adjusted for better understanding of the requirement.
  4. Section 3.3.3 has been changed significantly to aim the content at player protection. Previously, the section contained requirements about responsible gambling, information about how to protect the account and guiding texts about account movements. The changes to this section mean, that some requirements have moved to section 3.2.3 (see item 2 above) and the new section 3.4.6 (see item 5 below) to place them in the correct context.
  5. Incorporation of section 3.4.6 about the customer’s access to information about account movements and the option to get a statement of account. Please notice that according to the new executive orders, the statement of account is no longer limited to 12 months.

The updated documents in the certification programme can be found below and from 1 January 2020, they can be found under the respective pages on gambling sectors on the website.
A new set of standard reports will soon be published.

Certification documents for online casino

All documents for online casino. Enter into force 1 January 2020.

Certification documents for land-based casino

All documents for land-based casino. Enter into force 1 January 2020.

Certification documents for land-based betting

All documents for land-based betting. Enter into force 1 January 2020.

Certification documents for lotteries

All documents for lotteries. Enter into force 1 January 2020. 

Certification documents for online betting

All documents for online betting. Enter into force 1 January 2020.