Two months as director of the Danish Gambling Authority

25, Jan 2021

In November last year, Anders Dorph joined the Danish Gambling Authority as director of the authority. We asked him to share his impressions from the first couple of months:

“When I joined, we were all working from home. Thus, the question was: How do you get a good start, when everything must take place virtually? Among other things, I chose to have a virtual 1:1 conversation with all 120 employees. It was a very positive experience and in very short time, I gathered a lot of valuable knowledge about the Danish Gambling Authority and the challenges we face. It is an interesting workplace that manages a central service of general interest. We are responsible for ensuring a well-regulated gambling market in Denmark, where players are protected from unfair and illegal gambling, and all employees work tirelessly to ensure this. We also focus on development and new ways to approach the task, not least through new technology. In 2020 we have successfully implemented a new case management system and transitioned an IT system from an external supplier to ourselves without noticeable complications. I have had a really good start, but I must admit that I am looking forward to the time when we are all able to meet again physically. And this, I gather, I am not alone in looking forward to!”