Two guides updated: Marketing of gambling and sales promotion

22, Dec 2020

The Danish Gambling Authority have updated the Guide on the duty of disclosure when marketing and advertising gambling and the Guide on sales promotion, respectively.

The updates include an elaboration of the Danish Gambling Authority’s assessment of gambling operators’ obligation on their own social media, interpretations of boosted odds and loyalty programmes as well as information about a new legal practice. 

The updates are made based on the Danish Gambling Authority’s assessments in our regular monitoring of marketing of gambling products and services in Denmark. 

The Danish Gambling Authority urge licence holders to reviewing their marketing regularly and assessing the compliance with the Danish legislation. In connection with marketing on social media, we also recommend that licence holders review any inactive profiles, old posts and cover photos and profile texts. 

Read or download the updated guides. 

Guide on sales promotion

The guide is a supplement to the gambling legislation's chapters on sales promotion and is published in December 2020, as a consequence of the new executive orders. 

The Danish Gambling Authority's guide on duty of disclosure when marketing and advertising gambling