Surveillance of the illegal gambling market

14, Feb 2012

Since the Danish gambling market opened on 1 January 2012 the Danish Gambling Authority has focused on protection of the legal gambling market.

Both citizens and companies contact us concerning illegal gambling provided in Denmark and this illustrates the magnitude of illegal gambling. Among other things a surveillance of the internet has also been implemented.

We are always happy to receive any information concerning illegal gambling and we can be contacted by mail via Contact. Please enclose documentation for the illegal gambling, e.g. screen dumps. You will typically not be informed of the outcome of an approach to the Danish Gambling Authority concerning illegal gambling.

When is a website providing gambling illegal?

A website is illegal when directed towards the Danish market, e.g.:

  • The website is in Danish.
  • Danish customer service.
  • The games offered by the gambling provider are of such a nature that it appears to be for Danish players.
  • Stakes from Danish players are accepted.
  • Danish currency on the website.

What is the consequence of providing illegal gambling?

The illegal gambling provider will receive information concerning the Danish legislation and a notice of contravention of ceasing to provide illegal gambling in Denmark.
Gambling providers who provide gambling on the internet directed to Danish players without a licence therefore risk receiving a notice of contravention from The Danish Gambling Authority.
Companies providing gambling in Denmark without a licence risk that:

  • Customers´ access to the illegal website will be denied.
  • Customers´ transfer of stakes and winnings to/from such companies will be blocked.
  • The violation will be reported to the police.

The gambling providers with a licence to provide gambling activities in another country, may also risk that the Danish Gambling Authority will take contact to the licencing authority to stop the illegal gambling provided in Denmark.

I am not providing gambling activities - is this relevant to me?

It may be relevant to you as it is not allowed to:

  • advertise illegal gambling or
  • promote participation in illegal gambling.

Advertisements for illegal gambling providers might be on websites (even if it does not appear as a traditional advertisement).
Promotion of participation in illegal gambling might be:

  • an affiliate (channel for marketing) has a link on your website which leads to a website providing illegal gambling or
  • a white label construction where your website provides gambling by functioning as a "skin site" for the gambling provider´s website, from which gambling is provided.