Players subject to financial sanctions

06, May 2022

The Danish Gambling Authority emphasises that gambling operators are obligated to ensure compliance with Acts and Regulations that include financial sanctions against states, persons, groups, legal entities or bodies. 

This means that gambling operators must always screen their players against the applicable lists. Since the EU Regulations are regularly updated with new persons, the EU has created a “Sanctions Map”, in which all persons directly sanctioned can be found. Persons subject to requirements for asset freeze are marked with a frost icon. The EU’s Sanctions Map is available here

In addition to the persons listed in the EU Regulations, gambling operators are also obligated to ensure that their players are not listed on the Danish Business Authority’s site of persons, who are also subject to financial sanctions. The Danish Business Authority’s list is available here

The above requirements apply to all businesses subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Act. 

If a player is subject to financial sanctions

If a gambling operator finds that one of their players are subject to financial sanctions on asset freeze from the EU, the gambling operator must freeze the player’s account. The Danish Business Authority’s division on export controls is the responsible authority in the area and have prepared a guide in which gambling operators can find more information about the process if a player is subject to sanctions. The guide can be found on the Danish Business Authority’s website

More information about financial sanctions is available in section 28 of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s guide on the Anti-Money Laundering Act

If you have any questions

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the Danish Gambling Authority’s Anti-Money Laundering team on