Opening of the liberalised Danish gambling market

22, Sep 2011

It is with great pleasure that the Danish Gambling Authority is now ready to receive applications for betting and online casino licences in Denmark. Licences will be issued starting from January 1 2012.


Operators who want provide gaming from January 1 2012 must submit their application to provide betting and online casino no later than
October 17 2011 at noon
If the application is received after the stated date and time, you should expect a later starting date.

Licences with a time limit

Since the Danish Gambling Authority only has short time to consider each application and evaluate whether the conditions for providing gaming have been met, we  must emphasize that all licences will be issued with a time limit of one year.
The Danish Gambling Authority is aware that it can be time-consuming to get a gaming system certified according to international and Danish standards, and it is possible for the licence holder to have up to one year to get a complete certification of the gaming system.

Licences valid for five years

The licence holder may expect that the licence is changed to a five-year licence if the conditions are met after a complete examination of the application. As a general rule, the licence holder does not have to do anything in this respect.
In other words, the licence holder will be placed in the position he would have had if a five-year licence had been issued at the original application time. No extra application fee will be charged as a result of the extension.
It will be stated specifically in the one-year licence that it has been issued on the basis of preliminary examinations and that the applicant can expect the licence to be changed to a five-year licence if the requirements are met after the complete examination. Furthermore, it will be stated that the Danish Gambling Authority may revoke the licence if as a result of these further examinations or other circumstances it appears that the applicant does not meet the requirements of the Danish Gaming Act.


The Danish Gambling Authority is looking forward to the future cooperation and will be in ongoing dialogue with the applicants - and our future licence holders.