"No thank you" to gambling commercials in ROFUS (Licencees only)

31, Jan 2017

Below is a guideline on how licencees should relate to the new "No thank you to gambling commercials" in ROFUS.
From the 13th of December 2016, the DGA provides you with a service that makes it possible for you to avoid sending marketing material to self-excluded persons.
There is no deadline for choosing this service.

Guideline to mass requests in ROFUS ("No thank you to gambling commercials")

Gambling providers may make a service call in ROFUS before sending out marketing material to their customers or distributors. 
When a user says ”No thank you to gambling commercials”, that “no thank you” will apply for all gambling commercials from all licence holders. Therefore, it does not matter if the user has accepted commercials in the settings of the user’s account. If the user chances his /her mind about “No thank you to gambling commercials”, the user can easily change the choice. 
You must only ask in ROFUS on the CPR numbers that belongs to people to whom you have planned to send advertising material.
If ROFUS does not answer, the gambling provider must check if the error is caused by the provider’s own systems. If that is not the case, the DGA asks be notified of this. If the error lies in ROFUS systems (the DGA), the DGA ask for a report regarding the time and date for the error and the error text.

Definition of gambling commercials

By ”gambling commercial” we mean every kind of sales contact via telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, post addresses or other information that the gambling provider has about the costumer. Unaddressed household-distributed advertising and Internet commercials are not included. 

Service call and CPR numbers

You can use the following service call:  








             * SpillemyndighedBrugerIdentifikation *














You can at a maximum make the service call for 1.000 persons (CPR numbers) at the time. According to our tests, one call takes approximately 2 seconds. This means that if you wish to send marketing material to 20.000 persons, you must make the service call 20 times. 
From December 13th 2016, you can test the service call in our test environment. If you do not have a test account, we kindly ask you to contact us so that we can create a new one for you. If you have an inactive test account, please ask us to reopen it. Remember to mention the user name for test account when you contact us. Please use the following e-mail: tekniske.spm@spillemyndigheden.dk (link sends e-mail). 

You can use the following CPR numbers for testing:

  • 121180-0050
  • 121180-0085
  • 121180-0107
  • 121180-0093 


Finally, your internal procedures should be updated, regarding the following:

  • Old data is deleted from your server
  • How you make sure that the people you ask on in ROFUS also are the people you sent marketing material to
  • How you handle a non-reply from ROFUS


If you have any questions regarding the above, you are welcome to contact us via legal officer Kira Brianka on the following e-mail: kb@spillemyndigheden.dk, just as we also welcome any comments on the functionality that you may have via the same e-mail.