New in ROFUS (For license holders)

12, Dec 2016

As previously announced, we are expanding ROFUS. Amongst other things we will make it possible for users of ROFUS to say No thank you to gambling commercials. This means that license holders can avoid sending commercials to people who are self-excluded in ROFUS. You do this by making a service call in ROFUS before you send out marketing materials.

The service call you must use is:







             * SpillemyndighedBrugerIdentifikation *














You can at a maximum make the service call for 1.000 persons (CPR numbers) at the time. According to our tests, one call takes apoximately 2 seconds. This means that if you wish to send marketing materials to 20.000 persons, you must make the service call 20 times
From December 2016 you can test the service call in our test environment. If you do not have a test account, we kindly ask you to create a new one, please ask us to do this. If you have an inactive test account, please ask us to reopen it. Remember to mention the user name for test account when you contact us.
You will receive four CPR numbers to use for the test shortly.
For us to validate your test, we ask you to send us documentation for your test results to (link sends e-mail)
By the 16th of January 2017 all tests must be done and from this date the service call must be used before sending out marketing materials.
A more detailed guideline for using ROFUS will follow as soon as possible.