Implementing NemID JavaScript

17, Sep 2014

Since 1st of January 2012
Since the liberalisation of the Danish gambling market in January 2012 it has been a requirement that login to a gambling account should be authorized by the means of a digital signature with a security level corresponding to the OCES standard. 

In practical terms NemID has been used by all licence holders, when login was from a technical platform supporting Java, which has been a prerequisite for NemID. The executive orders on online casino and online betting encompass an exemption for those technical platforms that does not support such a digital signature. The licence holders have been able to apply for a dispensation for login from mobile units without the use of NemID (the OCES-Standard). 

New solution for NemID

DanID – Supplier of the NemID-solution – has developed a new JavaScript solution for NemID, which is working on most mobile units. This means that the licence holders must implement the new solution to handle login and account creations via PC and mobile units. The former solution based on Java is announced to be phased out by the end of 2014. It is a requirement that license holders have made migration from Java to Javascript by the end of 2014, to continue to offer gambling on the Danish market. In spring the Danish Gambling Authority and the industry formed a working group with the purpose of reviewing the requirements regarding login to gambling accounts, based on the last two years experiences with NemID and the fact that NemID is going mobile. The result of the working group is a part of the considerations of the requirement of an OCES-based login solution. It must be underlined that the executive orders have not been changed. 

What now?

The licence holders must be aware that the exemption regarding the platforms that in the future will support the means of digital signature vested in the executive orders lapses after the 31st of December 2014. This means that the licence holder have to implement and migrate to the new JavaScript solution before the 31st of December 2014. 
From the 1st of January 2015 all logins, regardless of the platform, must be supported by the means of a digital signature.
Licence holders, that previously have had their mobile login solution approved, will receive a letter notifying that the possibility of the alternative login lapses by the end of 2014.