Guide on responsible gambling released

02, Jan 2020

Today, the Danish Gambling Authority has published a guide on responsible gambling. The guide is aimed at licence holders, their employees and other relevant stakeholders. The guide is a supplement to the Danish Act on Gambling and the associated executive orders. 

The guide includes guidelines for and interpretations of how the rules must be met by licence holders and their employees. In the areas, where it is left to the licence holder to perform a risk assessment, the guide includes instructions as to how the rules can be met. 

The guide has been out for consultation with various external stakeholders before the release. 

The guide will be updated regularly when the Danish Act on Gambling and the associated executive orders are amended and if practices are changed. Each amendment of the guide will be announced in a news article on the Danish Gambling Authority’s website and the version number on the front page of the guide will be updated to clearly show that a new version has been released. 

The guide is available via For businesses and associations under the section Responsible gambling.

The Danish Gambling Authority's guide on responsible gambling