Guide on betting and online casino

23, Sep 2011

A new opdated guide is published for private individuals and businesses who want to provide betting and online casino.

On September 22 2011 the Danish Gambling Authority published the forms that must be used when applying for a gambling license. In connection with the publication the authority pointed out that all applications received by the Danish Gambling Authority on October 17 2011 at noon, will give the applicant the possibility to operate on the Danish Gambling market from January 1 2012.

Birgitte Sand, Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, has on numerous occasions stressed that the authority wishes to maintain a positive dialogue that the authority has had with operators, their counsellors and others before the opening of the market. The Danish Gambling Authority will therefore appreciate to communicate at the earliest possible time with the applicants and their counsellors if questions concerning the application should arise. It is also possible to submit the application in stages until the October 17 2011 - and in rare cases later - the reason being that the authority recognizes that the application deadline is a short time away and this method might lead to a better use of the resources for both the applicant and us.

An application may be submitted in stages if the complete material is received before the end of the deadline for application. This means that in the process it is possible to

  • Only hand in the application form without attaching annex A and/or annex B.
  • Hand in the application form, when the form is only partially completed.
  • Hand in the application form as well as annex A and/or annex B.

The Danish Gambling Authority encourages applicants to use these possibilities if parts of the application material are completed before October 17 2011 or if the applicant is in doubt as to whether the application form and/or annex A or annex B is filled in correctly. This method should give the Danish Gambling Authority a better opportunity to enter into dialogue with the applicant about the application material and to clarify potential doubts so that the deadline is respected.

If the application material is submitted in stages each submission must include an overview of which part of the application requirements the submitted documents is intended to cover and which parts of the application material that has yet to be handed in. If the applicant feels in doubt whether a document fulfill a specific requirement this must also be stated in the overview.

Even if the application is submitted in stages the total application fee must be paid before the Danish Gambling Authority will process the application.
In exceptional cases the Danish Gambling Authority may grant an exemption from the deadline and still work at the applicant entering the market on January 1 2012 if it is estimated that a later submission of a smaller part of the application material will not lead to a heavier workload which will obstruct the processing of the applications which have been received completely before the end of the deadline.

If the annexes have been submitted but the Danish Gambling Authority considers that these are not satisfactory, a later forwarding should not as a rule prevent the applicant from entering the market on January 1 2012 if these are received by the Danish Gambling Authority within a short time - especially if the applicant himself has pointed out that he is in doubt whether the annex is satisfactory.

It should be noted that the Danish version of the document is the only applicable and authentic version.