Further blocking of illegal gambling websites

26, Nov 2012

The Danish Gambling Authority monitors the gambling market to identify gambling operators who offer gambling on the Danish gambling market without the proper Danish licence. These efforts have uncovered several new websites which have been contacted in an attempt to stop their illegal activities. 

A large number of these websites have corrected their gambling offer so that they no longer contravene the Danish gambling legislation. However, some websites continue to offer gambling without a Danish licence.
Today, the Danish bailiffs court in Frederiksberg decided to impose an injunction on the internet service provider "3", requiring them to enable a block on 8 illegal websites. "3" has 14 days to comply with the injunction and enable the blocking measure.
The Danish Gambling Authority expects other internet service providers to follow the court's decision and enable blocking measures on the 8 websites.
The 8 websites are:

  • delrio-casino.com
  • deuropacasino.com
  • titancasino.com
  • titancasino.dk
  • alljackpotscasino.com
  • allslotscasino.com
  • 1bet2bet.com
  • megamoneygames.com