Draft guide - betting and online casino in Denmark

08, Jul 2011

The Danish Gambling Authority has recently published draft executive orders which have been sent to the EU for notification.

Now we publish a draft guide (only available in Danish) which address citizens and companies who want to provide betting and online casino in Denmark according to the Act on Gaming (act No. 848 of July 1 2010 on Gaming with amendments) and the executive orders belonging to it.

In this provisional guide we try to compile the requirements from the act and executive orders. It must be emphasized that the draft guide is not final and it should only be considered a working document from the Danish Gambling Authority. For the same reason this guide is not legally binding.

The publishing at this moment is to give a general view of the application process. Please note that forms etc. to which we refer in the guide will not be available on the homepage of the Danish Gambling Authority until the Act on Gaming is put into force.

Comments in writing are appreciated and will form part of the future work.