The Danish Gambling Authority will soon return to physical supervison

26, May 2021

In connection with the relaxation of the COVID 19 restrictions on 21 May, where casinos and gambling arcades halls may reopen to guests, the Danish Gambling Authority plans to resume land-based supervision.

In this connection, we draw attention to the fact that the requirement for presenting a "corona passport" in restaurants, gambling arcades etc. applies exclusively to customers and visitors.

Supervising authorities are exempt from this requirement, and thus the DGA's supervisory staff are not required to present a corona passport when they enter the premises for supervision.

It is of great importance for The Danish Gambling Authority that supervisory visits take place in a safe manner for both the premises and for our employees. We naturally follow the health authorities' general recommendations on hygiene and distance, and wear face masks or visors.

In addition, we encourage our employees to get tested for COVID-19 weekly.