The Danish Gambling Authority releases updated certification programme

04, Jul 2014

The Danish Gambling Authority is ready with an updated version of the certification programme. The programme has been adjusted so it now has a structure there is better suited for the Danish Gambling Authority’s execution of supervision, but also creates a better base for the future development of certification programme.

The existing certification programme has been divided in to documents that either apply to a specific type of gambling product or applies to all gambling products. The technical requirements will be availiable on the Danish Gambling Authority’s website as packages containing the full set of technical requirements regarding a particular gambling product. At this point in time we have released packages regarding online betting, land-based betting, and online casino. The packages can be downloaded here.

License holders have until the end of their current certification period to decide whether they want to be certified in accordance with the existing certification programme (version 1.3)  or the updated programme. There is an option to extend the deadline for the new certification if a license holder chooses to be certified in accordance with the updated certification programme. Read about the transitional scheme here.