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You can get help at StopSpillet if you have discovered signs of compulsive gambling with a citizen you are in contact with through your job. 

Because of their job, some people are in contact with persons who either have a gambling problem or are relatives of gamblers. For most, gambling starts as entertainment and a social activity that gets out of control, but for some, gambling may start as a refuge and an escape from other problems. 

When you as for example a health care professional, student counsellor, or a social worker discover problems with gambling, you can help the person by asking about their gambling habits. It is not sure that the person is ready to talk about the problem the first time you ask, and it is also normal to deny the problem. 

Signs of problematic gambling

Signs of problematic gambling behaviour can often be hard to tell from other mental stress factors. Often, compulsive gambling can occur parallelly with other mental issues. 

Compulsive gambling can also cause physical, mental and behavioural symptoms: 

  • The physical symptoms can manifest themselves as rapid heartbeat, headaches, uneasiness, stomach aches and muscle pains. 
  • The mental symptoms can for example be concentration difficulty, sleep issues, mood swings, anxiety, depression and suicide thoughts. 
  • The behavioral symptoms can be repeated broken appointments, social isolation, lack of engagement, increased irritability, impulsive behaviour and mental absence.

Research on compulsive gambling shows that there is not one cause of compulsive gambling. Compulsive gambling is characterised as a behavioural addiction, which resembles other types of addictions. The majority of the persons who experience gambling problems are young men under 35, and many of them gamble online, for example betting and casino games. 

Get advice about handling the difficult conversation 

StopSpillet are happy to advise you on how to handle a difficult conversation with a citizen. We can guide you on how to help the person to gamble more responsibly and advise you on where to get free treatment of compulsive gambling. 

Call StopSpillet on 70 22 28 25 or chat with us on StopSpillet.dk.

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