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Gambling and problem gambling

Compulsive gambling affects the ability to maintain control of your gambling and thereby, it can become difficult to control the time and money spent on gambling, even though you want to. Compulsive gambling can develop over several years, but for some it can develop quickly, and the negative consequences of gambling can become great and chaotic. 

It is normal to become absorbed in planning your gambling activities, gamble more and higher stakes to feel excitement or try to win back losses. You can also become irritable or stressed when you fail. 

Many people hide their gambling activities and begin to lie about the time they spend gambling or the money they lose or owe. Some may think that it is easier to keep distance to others to avoid questions about gambling and conflicts with family or friends. 

Some are embarrassed of their lack of control of their gambling and life and feel better when they gamble. 

When gambling develops into an addiction, it often affects other important parts of your life such as education, job, friends and family, spare time activities and not least your financial situation. 

Are you affected by gambling problems?

When you are preoccupied with gambling, it can be difficult to figure out if it has gotten out of hand. Some call this state “being in the zone” and you feel like you are constantly just about to win. Compulsive gambling also makes you think differently about your gambling.

Perhaps you experience that:

  • You are an expert in gambling and therefore you gamble with high stakes.
  • You have special abilities or influence on the game so that you can control it.
  • You know when the game awards a prize even though this is random.
  • You lose the sense of how much money and time you spend on gambling, when you gamble.
  • Your special way of gambling brings luck and ensures a prize. 
  • You win more than you lose because you quickly forget your losses. 
  • You gamble more money than you have planned.

StopSpillet offers counselling for everyone 

No matter how much money you gamble or how much time you spend on gambling, you can call us. Our professional advisers help you get an overview of the situation and give advice on how to take the next steps. 

Even though it can be difficult to asks for help to deal with gambling problems and perhaps debt, it can be a great relief to talk about it. The conversation between you and the adviser is confidential and the counselling is free of charge. 

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Treatment options

There are several centres in Denmark offering free treatment of compulsive gambling. Some of them also offer treatment online, which may be easier to fit into a schedule consisting of school and work and family. 

See the list of all free treatment options