Newsletter 55

01 Jun 2022

During 2022, NemID is replaced by MitID, wich is the new eID in Denmark. The replacement is made because there is a need for a digital ID that will meet future security requirements. 

The phasing out of NemID has necessitated an update of section 7 of the Executive Orders on online casino and online betting. 

It appears from section 7 that the eID must be used in the following situations: 

  • Creation of an account
  • First login to an account from a new device
  • Changing information about the customer’s identity, including name and civil registration number 

In addition, the eID or another strong customer authentication must be used upon deposits to or withdrawals from an account or when the payment instrument is changed (for example when changing debit card, banking details etc.) 

In the event that an eID is not used as log in to the account, another type of sufficient identification of the player must be made instead. This can for example be done by using a strong password or two factor authentication, e.g., by using the device’s option of using biometric data such as face recognition or fingerprint.

If an eID is used to log in to an account, there is no obligation to also using an eID in situations stated in section 7(1), because the players have already verified themselves upon login. 

For players without a civil registration number, the requirement for an eID not does apply. These players must in some other way be sufficiently identified upon creation of an account. As for login to an account, a strong password or use of two factor authentication should be used.

The eID must be an electronic ID from a Danish national identification scheme or an eID approved by the Danish Gambling Authority. By eID is meant, for example, MitID. 

If MitID is used, the assurance level must be “substantial” or higher. The assurance level “substantial” is the level that best matches the access by the former NemID. 

Dispensation for eID on mobile devices 

From 1 January 2023, a dispensation from using eIDs for gambling on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can no longer be granted. 

From 1 January 2023, previously dispensations issued will expire, and from then on, eIDs must be used in the above-mentioned situations. 

Entry into force 

On 1 July 2022, the new rules on the use of eID enter into force.

However, the Danish Gambling Authority notes that as long as NemID is available, it is possible to use both NemID and MitID so that licence holders have a period of time to implement the changes required by MitID.