Newsletter 24

10 Nov 2015


10 November 2015

The Danish Gambling Authority has implemented a new feature in the register of self-excluded persons (ROFUS), so that players who have an online gambling account, now have easy access to exclude themselves from online gambling for 24 hours - a cool-down period.The new feature is an addition to the already existing exclusion options. Therefore, it is still possible for players to extend the exclusion period so that is has a duration of 1, 3, 6 months or to make a definitive exclusion.

This additional option to exclude oneself from online gambling in ROFUS for 24 hours has its legal basis in BEK nr. 67 from 25/01/2012 on online casino § 19. According to this, the Danish Gambling Authority must keep a register of players, who wants to exclude themselves temporarily or definitively from online gambling. With this shorter cool down period the Danish Gambling Authority wish that ROFUS become an important tool and an alternative for players, who only wants to exclude themselves for a short period of time. The Danish Gambling Authority experiences that players request this function, and that many find it less invasive to exclude themselves for a shorter period than a month. It is therefore expected that players that normally would not register in ROFUS, will make use of this function.

By the launch of this new function, the Danish Gambling Authority has developed a stop button, which is directly accessible on the front page of our website. The stop button enhances the focus on this new exclusion period. By clicking the stop button, the player is lead directly to the exclusion register in ROFUS, there the player has to login via nemID.

At the same time of the launch of the 24 hour exclusion period, the Danish Gambling Authority has developed a logo for ROFUS. The logo symbolizes a lifesaver, and is to be used only by the Danish Gambling Authority in cohesion with ROFUS. As a starting point it is not the intention that the ROFUS logo shall be used by the licensees, and therefore it is not available for download.