Newsletter 14

06 Nov 2012

The report about provision of gambling

6 November 2012

The licence holders must submit a report about the provision of gambling to the Danish Gambling Authority at the latest 14 month after the providing of betting and/or online casino has commenced.

A draft report has been in public hearing and in that connection we have received comments from different interested parties. We appreciate the contributions.

Report about the supply of gambling for online casino 

Report about the supply of gambling for betting

Compared to the draft there are several changes both of form and substance.

The composition of the report

The report now consists of four parts contrary to before where there were only three parts.

  • Part 1: Consists of statistical information about the licence holder's provision of gambling.
  • Part 2: The licence holder must account for how specific rules in the gambling legislation have been complied with.
  • Part 3: The approved enterprise must state whether the licence holder has violated the rules in the gambling legislation.
  • Part 4: The licence holder must indicate whether he agrees with the approved enterprise.

Part 1, 2 and 4 must be completed by the licence holder and part 3 must be completed by the approved enterprise.

The role of the approved enterprise 

The approved enterprise must examine whether the licence holder has provided gambling in accordance with the gambling legislation. The enterprise must comment if there are areas, where the enterprise finds that the licence holder has violated the legislation or there are doubts whether a practice, conduct i.e. are against the legislation.

The approved enterprise shall not relate to the areas of the legislation, which are contained in the Technical standards of the certification programme of the Danish Gambling Authority.

If the approved enterprise has stated that it believes that the licence holder has violated the rules, the licence holder must inform if he agrees with the evaluation of the approved enterprise in part 4.

Submission of the report

The report must be submitted no later than 14 month after the provision of gambling has commenced. Hence, it is not the start date of the licence which is important, but when the actual provision of gambling has commenced. Licence holders with a licence to both betting and online casino must only submit one report covering both licences, as long as the licences have commenced at the same time.

The report can only be completed in Danish and must only be completed after the first year. However, it may be completed in English if an authorised translation is submitted at the same time.

How to become an approved enterprise

Enterprises who want to be able to complete the report must demonstrate to the Danish Gambling Authority that their employees possess qualifications into interpretation of the legislation as well as a general knowledge of gambling legislation.

In order to get an approval your enterprise must submit a short description to the Danish Gambling Authority in which you state, which employees have these qualifications. If the enterprise gets approved it is only these employees who - on behalf of the enterprise - may sign the report. The employees should not perform all the examinations but they guarantee that the work has been made properly.

Part 3 of the report cannot be completed by a person who is employed by the licence holder or in the same group because the Danish Gambling Authorisation demands that the report is completed by an independent third party.

Approved enterprises

Revenue restricted licences

Holders of a revenue restricted licence shall not submit the report which can be found at the end of this newsletter. Instead they must submit a report as mentioned in Newsletter No. 10.