Fees on betting and online casino

In 2020, the application fee for betting or online casino is DKK 285,800 and DKK 400,100 for a combined licence. The fee must be paid upon submission of the application. The fee must be paid by bank transfer. You will find information about account number etc. in the application form.

You must also pay an annual fee depending on the gross gaming revenue of a calendar year. For new licences, the fee must be paid no later than a month after the licence has become effective. 

At the turn of the year, existing licence holders will receive an invoice from the Danish Gambling Authority with the charge of a prepaid fee for the calendar year and possible adjustment of the prepaid fee for the previous year. The gross gaming revenue for the previous year and the coming year is calculated by the Danish Gambling Authority and placed within the intervals below. Subsequently, we will calculate the fee you must pay. The invoice must be paid no later than a month after the date of collection.

Overview of fees in 2019 and 2020

Gebyrer 2020

If a licence expires or is returned during the year, subsequent adjustments to the annual fee in relation to the actual gross gaming revenue for the year will not be made. 

Gambling providers with an annual gross gaming revenue of less than DKK 1 million may obtain a restricted revenue licence for a maximum of one year. The fee for a restricted revenue licence is DKK 57,200. Furthermore, it is possible to apply for a one-year restricted turnover licence if the gross gaming revenue does not exceed DKK 5 million and if the payout ratio does not exceed 20 percent. In case the application is rejected, half of the fee will be refunded (DKK 28,600).

Both the application fees and the annual fees are adjusted according to section 20 in the Act on Income Tax.