The treatment centres are independent state-funded institutions and are not affiliated with the Danish Gambling Authority.

Klinik for Ludomani

We offer free treatment of compulsive gambling and help relatives. The treatment is managed by psychologists with expertise in compulsive gambling, who are subjects to confidentiality restrictions. We have a specialised knowledge about treatment of all types of compulsive gambling. In addition, we are specialists in work-related and educational problems related to compulsive gambling. 

Based on an individual conversation, it is assessed which treatment offer is the best. The treatment of compulsive gambling consists of evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy, which means that the treatment is based on knowledge about what works with regards to compulsive gambling. 


Arbejds- og Miljømedicinsk Klinik
Odense Universitetshospital
Kløvervænget 3, Indgang 138
5000 Odense C