Notification of executive orders

24, Jun 2011

According to the Act on Gaming six draft executive orders have been drawn up and they have been sent to the European Commission on 23 June 2011 for notification.

Then there is a stand still period until 26 September 2011 which means that the executive orders cannot be put into force before this date.
The executive orders are available on the European Commission website Tris:

  • Order on the provision of online betting.
  • Order on online casino.
  • Order on land-based betting.
  • Order on non-profit lotteries.
  • Order on gaming machines in arcades and restaurants.
  • Order on land based casinos.

Besides this an executive order has been drawn up and has been notified but it will only enter into force at the same time as the other six executive orders.

  • Order on reimbursement rates and fees for checking and monitoring of certain games.

To the following three executive orders: provision of online betting, online casino and land based casinos an annex and a certification program consisting of 3 documents is attached.
These documents are only available in Danish:

  • Annex 1 Technical requirements for the licence holder.
  • The Danish Gambling Authority's requirements for accredited testing companies.
  • The Danish Gambling Authority's programme for managing system changes.
  • The Danish Gambling Authority's technical standards.

The last three documents have been updated and are now available in English under What's new: Update to the certification programme.