New notification of executive orders

30, Sep 2011

The Danish Gambling Authority has previously announced that some draft executive orders have been prepared according to the Act on Gambling, see previous announcement.

A few modifications and additions have been made to three of the previously published executive orders. This concerns the requirement for the location of the  gambling system in the executive order on online casino, the executive order on online betting and the executive order on land based betting. Furthermore there has been an amendment to the decision on digital signature in the executive orders on online casino and online betting.
The new drafts have been sent for notification at the European Commission on September 28 2011. Then there is a stand still period until December 29 2011 which means that the executive orders cannot be put into force before this date.
The executive orders are available on the European Commission website Tris:

  • Land based betting
  • Online betting
  • Online casino