Guidelines on sales promotion measures when providing gambling

20, Dec 2012

The Danish Gambling Authority now publishes guidelines on sales promotion measures when providing betting and online casino. These guidelines are primarily intended for licence holders in the area of betting and online casino, but can be extended to other gambling areas. However, you must be aware that there might be certain limitation in e.g. the size of the prize for other gambling activities.

In the guidelines it is possible to find the Danish Gambling Authority's assessment of the licence holders' access to use sales promotion measures according to the gambling legislation.
These guidelines describe which sales promotion measures are considered as games which require a gambling licence from the Danish Gambling Authority and which implies that the game is subject to the gambling legislation, and which arrangements are not regulated by the gambling legislation but are regulated by the Marketing Practices Act.
The guidelines do not describe the access to provide purchase-required gambling for citizens and companies which are not licence holders.