The Danish Gambling Authority part of international collaboration on video gaming and gambling

08, Nov 2018

The Danish Gambling Authority is now part of an international collaboration involving the blurred lines between video gaming and gambling.

17 mainly European jurisdictions have signed a declaration in which they agree to look into the blurring of lines that arise when elements from gambling are incorporated in video gaming e.g. loot boxes and skin betting.. Young persons under 18 often play these video games, which is particularly alarming.

Now, Denmark is also part of the Declaration. On behalf of Denmark, Birgitte Sand, Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, is co-signer of the Declaration: 

-          As a gambling regulator, it is our responsibility to ensure that the framework for the gambling area, which is established by the politicians, is complied with. We must also protect consumers especially vulnerable groups, Birgitte Sand says and continues: - Children and young persons are particularly exposed since many of these play video games where elements from gambling are becoming more common. Consequently, it is natural for us to focus on the problems surrounding video gaming and gambling, says Birgitte Sand.

International and national focus

According to the Declaration, the 17 jurisdictions will work together on analysing the problems with the blurred lines. Furthermore, they will enter into a dialogue with the gaming industry to examine the solutions that are possible to reach through collaboration. 

-          I definitely see a strength in working together across countries, Birgitte Sand says. – Naturally, we stand stronger when we address the industry collectively. I am delighted that the Danish Gambling Authority is part of an international collaboration in which we can share knowledge. The blurred lines between video gaming and gambling are far from an isolated problem in Denmark, but are a common concern internationally.

The collaboration is meant to raise consumer and parental awareness of the blurred lines.

Nationally, the topic of video gaming and gambling among children and young persons has received great political attention. In June 2018, a majority of the Danish Parliament reached an agreement on new initiatives against compulsive gambling. One of the initiatives the politicians agreed on was a research project on young persons’ relation to and possible addiction to video gaming.

Attached is the “Declaration of gambling regulators on their concerns related to the blurring of lines between gambling and gaming”.

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