The Danish Gambling Authority makes is easier to apply for an online licence

21, Oct 2014

The Danish Gambling Authority introduces the internationally acknowledged application form from the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), as a supplement to the Danish application form. IAGR has developed an application form called Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form (MJBF). 

MJBF is an international standardized applications form, which has already been brought to use in several IAGR member countries. Still, applications to The Danish Gambling Authority must be filed through the Danish application form, but we now allow applicants to use selected items of MJBF instead of the Danish application form. 
The Danish Gambling Authority has published a guideline on how the MJBF can be used in Denmark when applying for a licence to provide betting and online gambling on the Danish market. This will make it easier for applicants who already applied via MJBF in other countries, since several parts of the MJBF can be reused. 
In this way, the Danish Gambling Authority meets the requests we have received from applicants who wanted to apply via MJBF. The launch of the new application procedure is part of IAGRs annual conference held in Philadelphia from October 27 to 29, 2014.