The Danish Gambling Authority launches new app including test and self-exclusion

24, Nov 2016

Press release from The Danish Gambling Authority, November 24, 2016

In the future, Danes who gamble on online casino and betting will have a short cut to find out whether they have a gambling addiction and to exclude themselves from online gambling.
The Danish Gambling Authority has launched the app MitSpil (MyGame).
The app includes a test, which, through nine questions, gives the user an indication of whether he or she risks developing a gambling addiction. If this is the case, The Danish Gambling Authority’s self-exclusion system “ROFUS” is only a few swipes away. The app also includes a function, which quickly shows which treatment centres are situated close by.
In 2017, the app will be updated with more functions. One of the functions makes the user able to register the numbers and outcomes of his or her games. Hopefully, an overview of winnings and losings will help players at risk of developing a gambling addiction into getting a more balanced use of gambling.

Help must come easily

- It is the first time that The Danish Gambling Authority uses app as a means of communication, says Birgitte Sand, director of The Danish Gambling Authority. 

- We know that especially many younger men gamble, and that some risk developing a gambling addiction. We want to communicate in a contemporary way and since today almost everyone uses smart phones, the app was a natural choice. Protecting gamblers is one of our most essential tasks and the app is an important step. We hope that it will turn out to be a tool for dialogue among gamblers, friends and families equally, says Birgitte Sand. 

-  The fact that the test is anonymous and can be carried out on the smart phone should make it easier to monitor whether one is about to develop compulsive gambling. It is of great importance to us that help is easily found in the app, either through self-exclusion in the ROFUS system or through contact to treatment centres, says Birgitte Sand. 

In addition to the update to the app, an advertising campaign for the self-exclusion system ROFUS will be broadcasted in Danish television during the last week of December 2016 and January 2017. Besides, The Danish Gambling Authority will offer to visit educational institutions, sports clubs etc. and inform about The Act on Gambling. 

The Danish Gambling Authority is an independent government agency residing under the Danish Ministry of Taxation. The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for securing a proper and regulated gambling market in Denmark so that players are protected against unfair and illegal gambling.
The app “MitSpil” was developed in collaboration with intern developers from the Danish Customs and Tax Administration

More information:

Director for The Danish Gambling Authority Birgitte Sand, + 45 25 44 05 03
Special consultant Katja Arabelle Antabi, + 45 72 37 93 85