Danes bet on football in the weekends and gamble on gaming machines on paydays

02, Jul 2021

Figures from the Danish Gambling Authority show that 40 percent of all bets with gambling operators licensed in Denmark are placed in the weekends. On the other hand, the activity on gaming machines is highest on paydays.

The patterns in Danes’ spending on betting and gaming machines has been clear the most recent years. This is evident from a new publication from the Danish Gambling Authority.

40 percent of all bets are placed on Saturdays and Sundays. This is because most football is played on these days in the European leagues. Many Danes are fond of trying to guess the outcome of football matches, and therefore many bets are naturally placed on these days.

A clear pattern is also visible for the 25,000 gaming machines that are installed in gambling arcades and restaurants all over the country. Here, the gambling activity peaks on the last working day of every month, which is typically the day, when wages are deposited to Danes’ bank accounts.

“Market analyses such as this is one of the Danish Gambling Authority’s most important tools to ensuring a safe and well-regulated gambling market for Danes. When we follow the developments in the gambling spend and gambling patterns, we can be even more effective in our supervision with the gambling operators with a Danish licence”, says director of the Danish Gambling Authority, Anders Dorph.

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Danes bet in weekends and visit gambling arcades on paydays (July 2021)

Clear patterns are revealed from Danes’ gambling activities. Data from the Danish Gambling Authority show that 40 percent of all bets are placed in the weekends. Data also reveals that Danes’ spend more on gaming machines on paydays.

The Danish Gambling Authority has recently published the “Gambling market in Numbers 2020”, which provides a total overview of the Danish gambling market last year across gambling sectors.

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The Gambling Market in Numbers 2020

Statistics from the Danish gambling market in 2020.