Code of conduct for the gambling industry

15, Mar 2019

With the Agreement on new initiatives against compulsive gambling and adjustments to the gambling agreement of 29 June 2018, it was decided that the gambling industry were to discuss a code of conduct to increase consumer protection and contribute to preventing gambling as entertainment developing into compulsive gambling. 

The political agreement stated a wish to include in the discussion limitations and design of gambling advertisements and the use of pop-ups with information of time and money spent on gambling. 

On this basis, parties from the gambling industry have sat down and together drawn up the Code of conduct for the gambling industry, which enters into force on 1 July 2019. 

Read the code of conduct

The licence holders that are not members of one of the industry organisations which have joined the code or are not contracting parties to the code are encouraged to write to the industry organisation in their sector if they wish to be part of the code. 

  • Licence holders in the area of online casino and betting are referred to Danish Online Gambling Association.
  • Licence holders in the area of gaming machines are referred to Dansk Automat Brancheforening (Danish gaming machine industry association).
  • Licence holders to land-based casino are referred to Dansk Kasinoforening (Danish Casino Association).